Happy New Year! Okay, so I know it’s pretty much February, but it’s been a while since I’ve posted… and for good reason: outside of my day job, I’ve been working on an album.

I can go on and on about how to record and mix and release music, but it would be remiss of me if I didn’t take a few swigs of my own advice.

So I present the first release of the project: the Complicated/Situation EP.

Beyond the CVRD project, I hadn’t released any original music since To The Sky in September of 2014. I definitely needed the time to regroup and live a little life in order to have something to actually write about. Yet, it was time to get it together.

Two of the new songs I wrote for the forthcoming album were “Complicated” and “Situation”, hence the EP title. In the spirit of the music of yesteryear, I decided to close out the project with a couple of B-Sides.

“Complicated” came out of a place of self-evaluation, where I was seriously questioning everything: my career, my relationships, my place of residence (still not sold on LA after 7 years), and more.

“Situation” is based on a true story about my “grieving period” after finding out that a crush of mine had started a life with someone else.

“Freefall Redux” is essentially the 808s “remix” of a song from the To The Sky EP.

“London Towne” was also based on a true story, about a boy who loved a girl who loved to run away. It’s also an ode to the neighborhood I grew up in: the London Towne Co-Op community on the South Side of Chicago.

The EP is available at your favorite online music source, including iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and more. Check it out, share with your friends, and tweet me your favorite tune.

I will be getting back to my regular posts very soon, so don’t fret. The main purpose of this blog is to provide the tools necessary for those true artists to move forward in their careers. From the 7 Steps to Self-Producing An Album to the different ways to get your music on iTunes and Spotify, this site has a plethora of articles, tips and tools to help you take control of your career. Use it.



Orondé Jenkins is a multidisciplinary artist and media consultant based in Nashville. No Average Journey was born out of his desire to help artists grow in their lives and careers.

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