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My love for photography goes back to the Fisher-Price film camera I inherited from my older sister. From there to Polaroids, then the photography class in high school that hooked me forever.

It was there I learned how to make my own pinhole camera, spin and process my own film, and develop my own prints. But the most important thing we learned was the elements of exposure.

I present Photography 101, a free eBook about the basics of the art form.

It was born out of an opportunity I had five years ago to develop a lunch-and-learn about second creative love after music. The goal (then and now) is to inspire you to move past the Automatic setting on your fancy camera and get creative!

Popular Science has some additional tips to get you out of your head and into the world of creativity. It’s less daunting when you actually understand how the photo came to be.


Orondé Jenkins is a multidisciplinary artist and media consultant based in Nashville. No Average Journey was born out of his desire to help artists grow in their lives and careers.