So much of our attention this year has been focused on the Coronavirus pandemic.

The past few weeks have reminded us of the real virus: systemic racism.

Being black in America comes with a form of PTSD that has been severely triggered over the past few weeks. The anger, the frustration, and disbelief at the blatant injustices have combined into a potent mix of energy that can be fatal if not dealt with.

Creativity and expression is how I choose to expel this energy.

I encourage my fellow artists and creators to use your voices and your abilities to move the needle forward. This is a centuries-old problem with hundreds of thousands of layers that need to be dealt with. It is an uphill battle with the world on our shoulders. But with great power (your gifts) comes great responsibility (affect change).

Whatever that looks like for you… do it.



Orondé Jenkins is a multidisciplinary artist and media consultant based in Nashville. No Average Journey was born out of his desire to help artists grow in their lives and careers.