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I came across this short account in my random Tumblr surfing, and it is by far one of the funniest things I’ve ever read about someone who ignored basic nutrition and deserved every bit of discomfort they felt.

For almost a month, my friend had random pains, bruises started showing up randomly. He looked ashy and what we first thought was him being lazy was actually him not having any energy.
Finally his girlfriend got him to agree to go to the doctor… who sent him to the ER, where it took several doctors to figure out what was wrong, either because none of them had actually seen it in real life before, or they didn’t think someone could be that stupid.
Quote the doctor: “You have scurvy. Eat a f*cking orange.”


Orondé Jenkins is a multidisciplinary artist and media consultant based in Nashville. No Average Journey was born out of his desire to help artists grow in their lives and careers.